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Jul 5, 2003
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Kalispell, MT.
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is there a way to keep my photos rotated like they are in my camera when I import them? I hate having to go to each one and do it over agen. Why is my camera smart enuff to rotate them but my computer is not?
I'm not familiar with the D70 (I assume that's the camera you're talking about based on you sig), but on my 350D there is an "Auto Rotate" option in the menu somewhere. Turning it on makes the camera rotate the image, leaving it off means you have to do it later in PP.

My pictures always stay in whatever orientation they were in the camera when I transfer to the computer. It sounds like your camera is doing it's job, but the computer is un-doing it somehow... What program are you using? There might be an option you have to turn on or off in it.

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