Round 2 with the Hybrid Heron


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Mar 24, 2012
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Old Saybrook, CT
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I ventured back to the state park to find the hybrid heron (Sorry you couldn't make it darkshadow) The Little Blue x Tricolored Heron put on quite a show for me. I shot him with the Tokina 300 F2.8 and promaster 1.7x teleconverter. The first 40 shots in the set are with that combo and are not resized if you want to pixel peep.. Little Blue x Tricolored Heron Hybrid - a set on Flickr Here are a few of my favorites... Comments welcome

1 Portrait

Little Blue x Tricolored Heron 21 by krisinct, on Flickr

2 Itchy

Little Blue x Tricolored Heron Hybrid 40 by krisinct, on Flickr

3 Splash

Little Blue x Tricolored Heron Hybrid 33 by krisinct, on Flickr

4 Posed

Little Blue x Tricolored Heron Hybrid 17 by krisinct, on Flickr

5 Hi there

Little Blue x Tricolored Heron Hybrid 30 by krisinct, on Flickr
Not as sorry as I am.Hopefully next time.Great set beautiful.
The tech details is 99.9 percent is technical skill he has.The rest of the stuff is on flicker where you can view the Exif data.:wink:
Really great photos.
Please mention other tech details also for us noobies. :)
Hey there dc2105,I was not trying to be a wise guy and gather your trying to learn as am I but the truth be told is we can have the exact same camera and set everything up exactly the same and take a picture of the same subject at the same time and have completely different results.However the Exif data will give you the technical camera settings at the time of the shoot.When You view the picture on Flicker you can view that info.
All are great as usual, but #2 gets my vote.
Really nice, like the 1st and last ones the most
CC, great shots as usual. This guy must be a nice change from the osprey (you were getting bored with them - just kidding :mrgreen:) I think I like the action in number 3 the best. Did it catch anything?

Thank you!

Hopefully this Heron will hang around for awhile. I heard it was the third year it came back!

Great shots here. I've been taking a few seagull shots myself lately. And for the love of all that is holy, can someone tell me how to 'quote' multiple people in one comment? I feel like such a noob!

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