Rounding the bend


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Sep 16, 2012
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kentucky hills
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That's a good one....inviting.

Love the description that goes along with this photo. Really sets the scene :smile-new:
my first thought. do i blow it up? Lord forgive me... wonderful photo... Lord forgive me....
Beautiful shot, the ambience in the image is giving off such a peaceful vibe.
This is -just- my own personal opinion, so please consider it as such.

While I find the location to be quite lovely indeed, personally I find this image to be rather awkward. The simple truth here is that I'm not really sure what it is that I should be looking at... The image as a whole seems to lack any centrally defined subject, or rather there are too many elements there competing with each other for the eye's attention. For example, if this image is supposed to be about the house in this lovely setting, I might have walked around and found a better angle that puts more emphasis on the house. On the other hand, if the road was intended as the center of focus, then it's just way too far off to the edge of the image to be effective. Likewise, I find the placement of the visual elements in the composition to be awkward as well. The house and the road are WAY down at the bottom of the image making one wonder if the eye should be looking at these or all the trees, clouds and sky above.

There also seems to be a rather heavy blue cast, particularly in the road and the house that I find distracting. I'm sure it's a natural cast, but personally I find that it detracts from the image. There's also some blurred weeds down there in the bottom right hand corner that draws my eye...I would have either reduced the aperture for more DOF or I would have simply cropped that corner out of the image (likely the latter as I also find there's just a bit too much space on the right side of the image.

Again, I find the location to be very lovely, however I can't help but feel the image as a whole could have been better executed. For such a "peaceful" and "serene" setting, I find the composition to be most unsettling.

Not trying to be rude...again just my own opinion.

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