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Apr 24, 2009
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Campo Belo, MG - Brasil
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Shooting sports is new to me. Although the runner in this picture is not as sharp as I would like him to be, I still like the overall feel of the picture. What do you think? Any suggestions for improvement?

shutter a bit faster I think with faster panning too.
I like it. I like photos that show motion. Sometimes they are not as perfect as we would like but good motion composition is not as easy as it sounds. I have been trying to use this technique lately too, it's pretty challenging to get the "perfect" shot.
While indeed the runner is not tack sharp, I don't think too much is WRONG with this attempt at panning. Some really do master this art, I don't either, and am therefore happy with anything remotely useable, and this is definitely useable for whatever you want to use this photo for. It shows dynamics and does show the motion and to me all this counts more than THE totally perfect pan. I know there are those that can even pan perfectly on RACE CARS. Well, all I can say is WOW on that. I wouldn't even get any of those into my FRAMES to begin with... but don't fret about this one. Less even if you're still at the beginning. You're off to a good start!!!
I agree with LaFoto. I think it is a great shot even though the runner is not tack sharp. I've discovered that panning is not very easy at all, I wish some of my attempts had turned out half as good as this one.
Another thing you've done well, is having space in your frame for the runner to "run into."

All too often we have our subject centered, or too closely cropped. You've given a wonderful sense of the race.

(and I dig his shadow) :)

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