Rupert Murdoch Takes Over National Geographic, Then Lays Off Award-Winning Staff

Well, here's to being optimistic that some good can come from this. Maybe this will be his next STAR :beguiled:
He's all about making money.

Most mgt that says there will be no change are essentially stating that for "this instant" and one can expect change. I've seen it happen all the time. There are very few companies that actually mean what they say during a takeover.
what's the point of an award winning staff if they cant make your business stay afloat?


you can't erode something that's already died, decomposed, and been eaten by grubs.

:p I'm just joking around, not serious here.
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National Geographic has their TV Channel too - NatGeo
That article talks about how they've had some misses in programming.
so while people continue to not buy printed magazines, they move to online articles and TV.
The TV I would think would make most revenue as it's advertising that pays the bills.

I don't know what the subscription on gives from the free stuff, but that revenue is based on advertizer clicks.

Selling paper anything has been a dwindling proposition for years now.
They are still one of the highest circulated magazines, so who knows.
So no more photos for NatGeo? Or will he be using the Craigslist professionals from now on?
Whether he gets them from CL or the local tavern, who cares? He will be saving the magazine money.

I subscribed many years ago, but lately have been seeing it mainly in waiting rooms. It is not seen in as many waiting rooms these days.
National Geographic hasn't had staff photographers for a long time.
They've been using freelance photographers ever since.
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I think I found the big deal:

"The National Geographic Society has long stood for science, research, and investigation. Murdoch’s companies have long stood against all three. The two positions would be in conflict, save Murdoch’s company is firmly in control. The editorial changes will therefore be severe, and erode the 127 years of publication excellence. For the men and women who brought National Geographic to worldwide prominence, the termination of employment is a tragic end both for hard-working people, and for National Geographic itself."

I disagree with the first premise, am uninformed as to the second premise, am neutral about the third premise, simply accept the first conclusion, and am neutral about the second conclusion.

How this move affects the photography we have become accustomed to is why this article was linked, and my guess is that there will not be any perceived difference in the photography.
According to the NG representatives, the takeover is bringing with it a staff reduction of about nine percent, quoted as about 180 people being let go from a staff of 2,000. I dunno...that doesn't seem all that draconian. Still, it doesn't change the fact that Rupert Murdoch the man is slime, and that he has done more to harm American culture than almost any foreigner since Joseph Stalin. For many decades, foreign nationals were barred from owning American media outlets, but one political party back in the 1990's got those long-time prohibitions reversed, and Murdoch and the FOX network were formed, as he bought up many smaller, independent TV and radio outlets across the USA, and brought his insidious views and policies into this country.

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