rural schooling again! (part7)


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May 13, 2005
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tx for looking!
Both are great 2nd one is over the top! Always great to see your posts.:thumbup:
Great shots mans.... i agree the tilt on the second works really well.... they look great in b+w :thumbup:
Love the smile she's giving you and the POV of the first...think I'd crop as tight as possible to rid as much of the boy on the right as possible.
second is, sharp and cool angle to take in the students in the BG.
great stuff mansi:D
hey mansi
good work girl......
love the smile in the 1st.....the tilt is very well done in the 2nd....both r very nice.....i like the 2nd one more....
I like the second one ... it is nice to see how children learn things in other parts of the world ... and all start little by little and with this endearing slow and uncertain handwriting. Well-captured. It really gives an idea of "schooling".
thaaaaaaaaaank you all for the great comments! :D appreciate it amazing. Love them Mansi.
thank you both! :D :D :D

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