The Toyota Prius vs. me...I lost! :(


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Oct 11, 2012
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Dumb Prius. I was NOT at fault by the way, and I will probably get some craptastic rental car that smells like cigarettes! Oh well, The couple was completely apologetic and could not have been nicer about the whole thing so I guess I will move on. Still kinda sad about it though. Waiting on the estimate and to find out what beauty I will be driving for a week or so. :grumpy:
Not fun.

But, they hit the most easily replaceable part of your car. No structural damages, no rattles. That is a good news.
Something is wrong underneath. Going for estimate #2 for the insurance company. Then they send out "their" people. Holy prices batman! I am in the wrong business. :)
In that case you probably need new suspension arms.

All bolt on parts.

Insist on original GM parts.
Ouch, thats a pretty good crumple.

Progressive paid out for a 2012 Suburban when I was hit in February, I had it for about a month. I hope you have a similar experience.

I also hope you receive a fancy settlement!
Thanks guys. I am sure it is all fixable, but I am just sad now, because I babied my car so much and now it has a bad reputation. :)
Based on the look of it, only cosmetic damage was had. I doubt any mechanical parts were bent. Worst case, the inner tie rod was and thats a 30 minute fix then an alignment. Worst case, 2 weeks in the body shop. The parts can be replaced in less than a day but they will want to put in the frame machine to milk the insurance company and then the prep and paint will take a couple days. No biggie, just a pain in the butt. Whether they use GM parts is up to the insurance company and even the dealers don't use genuine parts anymore.... So it most likely won't happen. Glad you didn't get hurt though, thats really the only thing that matters.
:-( :-( :-( :-(

Those doggone Prius people!!!! (you know who you are!)
From your BFF attorney hubs, do NOT forget about being compensated for diminished value. Maybe that is a small amount but likely to be an issue nonetheless if your car shows up as having been in a prior accident on a CarFax report.

Not familiar with diminished value loss? Let's assume the car is worth $25,000. You get hit by Prius and the repairs cost you $2,100 to remove and replace the front fender. After the accident, the car looks and runs like nothing ever happened, but the post-wreck value is now $20,000 because of the negative perception of it being in a wreck. The diminished value is $5,000 and you are entitled to be compensated to be made whole.

Just my $0.02. Do NOT settle until you are made WHOLE!!!!!
The first picture seems a little overexposed and the sec....just kidding! Sorry about the dent. As jwbryson stated, make sure you are compensated for diminished value! I'm not sure if you plan on eventually trading it in or whatever, but I had an accident (completely repaired 100%) a few years ago and when I went last month to trade it in, I got about $1200 less because of the accident on my carfax!
They hit you on purpose bc your SUV uses so much fuel! :D
:-( :-( :-( :-(

Those doggone Prius people!!!! (you know who you are!)
I thought Robin was going to get out of the drivers seat of that Prius, but it wasn't him. :) Headline would have been....At fault driver of Toyota Prius was just trying to get a good shot of a deer as he rammed into poor innocent driver! (You know I am teasing you Robin)

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