Safety is Easy...The Pavement? Not so much. *Critique Please*


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Feb 26, 2012
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Midwest, USA
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I’m not kidding you, this was painted on the pavement at the University of Minnesota-Saint Paul campus.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT lesson for college students, I’m guessing. So, if you learn nothing else in college, I hope everyone goes out into the real world knowing to look both ways.

I added a little grungy texture and coloring. I'm not super pleased with the composition but then again at the time I wasn't trying to take a serious photo. Anyone else have any thoughts on this one?
I think if it weren't for the message of the text itself this wouldn't be very interesting. Usually, smaller portions of signs cropped for best composition or entire signs with other elements that help form a good composition are better than photos where the sign pretty much fills the frame.
Thanks for the tip. I wasn't taking this photo for a serious purpose. The I got it into Lightroom and it struck me a humorous and I thought I'd give editing a whirl.
I liked your words below the photo... i would love to see a low angle shot where you read those words on road in focus and also see an out of focus car approaching you fast.....
Frequency--that is a great idea. I will be on the campus in 2 weeks with little traffic so I will have to give this a try!
Having gone pavement surfing (bike crash), I assure you the pavement is quite hard.
Having gone pavement surfing (bike crash), I assure you the pavement is quite hard.

You didn't have your Spartan Helmet on at the time, Chief?
I thin k the framing is a slight bit too tight. THe bike's front tire and the phrase "THE PAVEMENT" all feel a bit too tightly squished into the frame's area. I think backing off a bit would make the street sign look better.

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