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the nightfly

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Jun 15, 2005
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Maple Valley, Washington
Like many of you, I offer prints for sale from my website.

Following the advice of a number of books on the subject (which downplayed the usefulness of direct "click to order" buttons), my initial effort was to simply get the site up and running, taking payment by check or credit card via an indirect PayPal method (the customer sends me an e-mail with photo selections and information, and I send them back an e-mail receipt from PayPal allowing them to pay directly by credit card).

Now, I am considering adding a set of direct PayPal buttons to each gallery page, so that visitors could simply click and order without having to go the e-mail route.

I'm wondering how many of you have such a payment method on your sites, and whether your number of sales increased appreciably over the old "send a check or an e-mail" method? I talked to one friend, who says he sold a whopping total of one additional print via that method since making it available. But I can't help feeling that anything that makes it more convenient for the customer to order should help sales. Anyway, I thought I'd ask all of you -- has it been worth it?

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