Salvation army


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Dec 5, 2005
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Central IL
I apologize for posting so many images lately. I've finally been going through some old stuff and,'s another one.


I'll slow down now, I promise:wink:
The photo has a couple of interesting points to it, one being the nuke shelter sign. I have not seen one of those for quite sometime.
no need to slow down, we like new shots thats why we are here :)
For the viewing pleasure of the mysteryscribe...........................................


Edit: I dunno, I think I like the textury glass blocks above the sign too much to lose 'em if I were to print.

Thanks to everyone
Well, I hear you like the textury aspect of the glass blocks, but the photo "speaks" more as the cropped version you made for mysteryscribe's viewing pleasure only (oh, and I looked at it :shock: Argh!).
I really like this shot, the tones are great. I like both versions for different reasons.
Ok, I've come around. I do like the crop better.

Thanx again, I'm glad y'all like it:)
I am trying to find a way to phrase this so I dont come off like I think I know ANYTHING at all. This is a repeat of what a painter I knew thirty year ago told me. Please remember it was only her opinion as well.. Sometimes you need to step back and see what you are really trying to say and get rid of the distractions. That is the only difference. It was your vision that found a shot worth the effort not any one of us It is we who should thank you.
mysteryscribe said:
Most likely it is more haunting than simply appealing. Not to many of us stop to look at this kind of scene except in a photo or the nightly news. It makes us uncomforatable... Just an opinion...

Nah I meant what I said... It's appealing to me, the darkside forum is haunting:p

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