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Dec 1, 2011
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Some Where In the Desert
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Forest are hard to take pictures of. There is so much green and what not that things tend to get lost. I tried using a lower Fstop to get some front camera blur and then tried to process the image so you could actually see depth. Maybe not the best but it is something I wanted to try to accomplish.
I think I have been able to capture some z depth. I have the front blurred bush and then the tree in the middle and then the foliage in background. It was kinda hard to separate the tree and back ground.

This is my Sasquatch view attempt:lol:

forest by VIPGraphX, on Flickr
I personally don't see a clearly defined subject, and the composition is just too busy for me. The blurry foliage coming from the lower right hand bothers me quite a bit.

If you had shot this on more of a clearly defined path, the composition may have been improved. As it is, it's just too sporadic, and probably didn't benefit from HDR processing.

Having depth to the shadows in the woods is much more desirable IMHO. If you were to go back and shoot photos without HDR processing, you would probably have more images that you'd like.

You said that you were concerned with blurring what fell behind the tree... I'd be interested to know what f/stop and focal length you were shooting at, I might be able to offer some insight on accomplishing such the next time.
I hesitated to post this or trash it but thought someone wouldHave some advice on how to shoot in these conditions. I find it very hard to take a photo Of how my eyes see this.I believe I shot this with +- 2 and then did exposed compensation and got +-3 in.F stop was F8 ISO 100Epec fail
Yeah, at f/8 on a wide angle lens, your DoF is going to be very steep. That's why nothing was blurred behind the tree like you were hoping for in your first post.

You can always use DoFMaster if you have a smartphone to determine what your DoF is going to be (roughly).

Online Depth of Field Calculator
Way too busy of a shot for my tastes. No central subject matter, so there is no place for one's eye to focus.

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