SB-700 Speedlight


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Aug 21, 2015
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So I am having a little issue that may or may not be an issue to everyone else. How do you go about your flash actually going off when you want it to or need it to? I took some photos for a local police dept and after the flash went off for 2-3 shots it went on standby mode and wouldnt shoot again for a few shots. Anyone else have this problem? If so, how can i fix it. I am getting into wedding photography and I cant have that happening.
flash was attached to the camera?
There is a way to adjust the length of time the flash waits on "ready" so it doesn't go to sleep while you are setting up for the next shot.

Check your user's manual.
When mine goes into sleep / standby mode it wakes up instantly as soon as I touch the shutter release. Are you certain it's not overheating? That WILL cause it to stop functioning until it cools off.
Did the flash actually go into sleep mode or did you drain the capacitor and have to wait for it to charge up?
Pressing the shutter release should keep the flash awake but if in doubt you can turn off the sleep mode function in the SB-700 menu. However I suspect that you were not giving the flash a chance to recycle and the capacitor ran out of puff so the flash had to wait for it to charge charge up again.

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