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jamie harrison

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Nov 18, 2020
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Hi All,

I'm just getting back in to developing my films at home and I have an old, cheap Epson V370 scanner. It's not great, very load and slow which I can live with but I wondered if there is any software out there that could improve the actual scan? or is this limited by the scanner too much? maybe I am better off using my DSLR to scan?

any advise would be gratefully received.


But you have to buy a stand, DSLR, etc which can be very expensive. I use small digital cameras and shoot film. So for me, a flatbed makes more sense. Flatbed scans of 35mm are sufficient for web posting and making slide shows on my 75" UHD TV. If you're not printing, they should be sufficient. Even if printing small, they should be OK. Larger, get them scanned professionally. How many prints do you intend to mount on your walls?
Scanview64 will get the most out of old scanners, but will in no way match what a new one will do.

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