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Feb 10, 2009
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hey everyone. I am currently going to school to become a photographer but lately i have had some issues with this. I am worried about the job aspect of it. Does anyone know what its like to get out of school and get a job in this? and so with this ive been thinking about doing engineering. does anyone have any experience in this? any help would be great thanks!

haha thanks for the input, but im not going to be double majoring that would kill me i think. Im trying to decide if i should put the time in for photography and if it would pay off. thats what im trying to ask people if i could easily get a job in the field and if it would pay well, or if i should just leave it at a hobby and go to engineering. and if anyone on here knows anything about engineering and would like to tell me a little bit about it i would really appreciate it! thanks again!
The successful engineers that I have run into have been quite gifted intellectually with very perceptive people skills. Basically I would say that unless you have an IQ in the 130+ range and have good social skills, to consider that success in engineering may be too great a challenge.

Photography requires creativity, business and people skills. Beginners tend to think in the limited terms of opening your own business/studio and starting with weddings, seniors and kid shots for example. They tend to forget the areas of photo-journalism, public relations, advertising, television production, media departments in corporations, training, and presentations. If you get a photography related job with an organization, contacts tend to lead to free-lance work on the side. Presentations often have the positive side effect of promoting your media and photographic skills. A friend went from photographer, to head of an internal newspaper within Imperial Oil, to executive trouble-shooter. I am sure that he ended up earning much more than an engineer.


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