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I just wanted to say that I finally got up enough nerve to apply to go back to school.I applied under the liberal arts college at The University Of South Carolina. What Im wanting to do is take the pictures AND write the articles... PLEASE WISH ME LUCK!

has anyone had any experiance with this field of study? any pointers?

Congrats !!!
Thats fabulous.I wish I could do the same. I didthe wrong degree but thems the brakes!

Enjoy every minute!
good luck!!!! ... but i went to college for psycology :eek:
Good luck I went to school for buSINess and now I am looking to go back myself....for Photography this time but I am now 30 and don't know what to do lol.
Good luck!
I've been in engineering for 41 years now and I still don't know what I want to do.
Good luck MD. I just graduated from a Computer Systems Technology (Networking) program. I might head back part time for some business classes.
Yea, good luck with your schooling. I can't wait to finally start college after high school. :lol:
Thanks everyone! everything seems a go so far... just waiting for the final word. Im prepared to quite my day job and everything! Im going to become a bum who does nothing but writes haiku's and eats bagels... then takes some pictures, this is gonna rule!

thats cool, i think tuscany is closer to south carolina.... sorry just kidding.


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