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Jan 14, 2013
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Hi all,

When ever I transfer my photos from my Canon Rebel T3 to my computer. All of the files and folders are "Read Only" and Windows will not let me change this setting. I need to rotate some images and can't on my XP computer on my Windows 7 computer I can change this setting but how do I fix it so the files are NOT read only files? I don't want read only because I can not rotate or close in on an image. The card has a little lock switch on it but I have tried changing that switch to no avail.

If any one can help please; this is driving me insane.

Thank you.
Might sound stupid but I actually had a problem like this when using a cheap USB cable. Are you using your original one?

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The little lock switch on the card is to write protect the card, itself. It will not allow you to take photos in the "protect" position, bit it has no effect on existing files. If you happen to remember floppy diskettes, it's like the switch on those.

What software are you using to transfer the photos to the computer? Is it possible there is a setting there to make them read only?
Try this. There is an option in your camera menu, i believe 3rd option over called protect images. choose that scroll down and select un protect all.

If that does not work try right clicking on the image view in the folder and selecting properties and see if read only is selected in the attributes, if so try to uncheck that.
I tried fixing the setting in attributes first thing; as soon as I click OK and check the setting again it still reads Read Only. I will have to try the menu option but I don't see why I can't uncheck the attribute and make it work. This works in Windows 7 but not XP I don't understand it.
First off are you accessing the files directly fro. The SD card or have you copied them off the card on to your computers hard drive?

If they are jpeg files you can open them in a image editor and so a save as and save them to a different location.

Once the files are copied off the SD card reformat the SD card.

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