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Oct 20, 2007
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Hey all,

This is probably a stupid question but, does anyone have a recommendation for a high capacity SD card for the Nikon D80? I just got the camera about a month and I can already tell that the 2 gb card I have just won't be enough for some situations.

Like I said, probably a stupid question, but I thought I would defer to the brain power of TPF.


Sandisk, lexar, fuji, any of the makes really it wouldn't surprise me if they are all made by one factory somewhere in china. H
I think it has a 4 gb max. I'm more concerned with write speed. I love photographing races and I found that I can get a burst of about 5 pics before it starts slowing down.

Harry, you're probably right, they probably are all made in the same factory, they just put different lables on them.

Thanks guys.
Not usually an issue if you're buying in a reputable store BUT there are very real issues with 'fake' CF and SD cards - either lower capacity than advertised or poorer quality or whatever. Wouldn't surprise me if the rejects - (QC failures) from a 'reputable' factory were being siphoned off and labeled then sold as good. Chinese factories sometimes run two shifts - one for legit goods and a second for 'back-door' sales. No real difference though sometimes there's no QC on the second shift or cheaper materials are used.

ALSO - be aware that some of the newer and faster cards don't work as well with some devices. Our EPSON drive won't download off the newer fastest cards. May just need a softwareupdate, haven't checked that out yet. Nikon itself only lists certain memory manufacturers as 'supported' for its cameras.

SD cards in particular seem to be seeing price cuts and discounting in the lower capacities as larger and faster ones move into the market. You may find you can buy 3 of the 2M cards for about what a 4 M will cost. I noticed a LOT of these discount 'packages' on 1 and 2M cards while in BestBuy the other day. Personally I don't have an issue with using more cards (in a way you have less at risk if a card craps as long as you don't lose them), but faster speed cards are nice for downloads. THe newer SD in dw's D40 is astoundingly fast compared to the old CF microdrive I used to use in my D70....... WAAAY slow - prompted me to go out and buy new CF cards when I got the D200

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