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Feb 22, 2012
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Question for you more seasoned folks...

I have just purchased a D7000 and am researching what memory cards to get for it. My past shooting experience has been simple P&S cameras which I used basic SanDisk cards of whatever capacity I could get from work. I was not picky about it as these simple cards served their purpose.

When I bought my D70 several years ago, I went and purchased a CF card for it since I could not get one from work. As I had no experience on how the speed of the card affected the performance of the camera, I had no idea what to look for in the card. Anyway, trying to take bursts of shots was very poor with my D70.

Well, now that I am getting a D7000, I want to get the full performance out of the camera. I've seen various speeds on the cards and read many reviews on those cards. For now, I am thinking about getting a couple of 4GB SanDisk Extreme 30MB/s card. Any thoughts if this card would be good? Should I go for a different one?
First off I think you should go bigger than 4GB at least 8-16GB burst mode on D7000 will really eat up 4GB no problem. Second I recommend any Sandisk they have never failed me in the 10 years I've used them. Personally I would go with the 32GB Sandisk Extreme Pro either 30/95MBs ones will suffice. In simpler terms look for cards that are Class 10 and 133X 233X and 333X.
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Actually, my first thought was as you suggested. I was thinking a couple of the SanDisk 32GB 30mb/s cards would give me a wealth of storage. I wouldn't have a need for any more cards. But, then I read someone mention the possibility of the card going bad and me losing hundreds of shots in that 32GB card and I thought to myself "self, they have a good point". So, I changed my mind to maybe purchasing 4 of the 4GB or 8GB cards. I usually download to my Mac frequently anyways. Thanks for the feedback. :)
I never put all my eggs in one basket...I prefer 4g cards and lots of them!
Since you have dual slots in the D7k you can use two 32GB cards with redundancy if you are worried about losing them. If you do that it behooves you to get the 95mb/s cards as the D7000 is one of very very few bodies that are suppose to take advantage of the UHS-1 abilities. Personally, I sport two 16GB 95mb/s cards at any given time. With the 16MP Raw files you'll find yourself changing cards more frequently than you expect, at least I do when I go to any event or zoo or car show or out side my house or well, all the time I guess.
I use a 32 gig transcend class 10 for raw. And a 16 gig sandisk for jpg backup. Allows for 950 photos
Thanks for the input guys. I ordered me a couple of 4GB 30MB/s SanDisk Extreme cards last night to get started. I don't mind the $25. I can always use them as backup if I decide to move to a higher capacity/speed card later.

Good point FantasticG about the redundancy. Once I get familiarized with the body, I'll reconsider the 32GB UHS-1 cards. I saw some reviews on those cards where testing showed no lag whatsoever during burst mode even after the 10 shot buffer. The shots just kept on going like normal. They looked so tempting. :)
I am of the opinion that anyone purchasing a digital camera should be required by law to obtain at least two memory cards.........

at gunpoint if necessary.

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