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Aug 1, 2011
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Vermont, US
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I calibrated my monitor a month ago (1st time) with a spyder2 express. It shows you a before and after calibration example and right off the before looked much better. My screen has a weird blue tint to it.

I thought it was just me at first and I needed time to adjust but nope. It's been a month - I've calibrated a couple times and get the same results each time.



Both are underexposed. No the WB is not off in this 2nd picture. My monitor isn't as dark blue as the picture but it's still blue.

Should I just toss the spyder? I bought it 2nd hand but it obviously doesn't want to work on my monitor.
Hi Megan, that is quite the problem you seem to have. Unfortunately, I can't help you, as I have never seen anything like that in my calibration scenarios. I have had the Spyder3 Elite for about 3 years and have never had any problems with it or with the results that I get. Yours is an older unit, so it may have outlived its useful life - don't know. I would send an e-mail to the Spyder folks - contact page: Contact | About | Spyder , with a copy of the images that you have posted above. I have had a few exchanges with them during my ownership of the Spyder3 and they were very helpful.



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