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Aug 1, 2008
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Rockaway Beach, NY
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Took this yesterday while in the bathroom. Had some harsh lighting (very orangish). Messed around with it in Lightroom 3. Tell me what you think. Don't be afraid to be harsh. I'm a Marine. I can handle it. lol.

Self Portrait by LJCPhotos, on Flickr
...and Canon is backwards.
was taken in the bathroom. I suppose i could have flipped the image.....didnt think of it at the time.

and yes i am aware that most of the photo is oof. i was focusing on my hands and not the center of the lens itself.
If there were a focus point I think I'd really like it. It works well as your avatar. You can't tell it isn't in focus in an avatar photo.
Not really a "self portrait" though.
I did a similar shot for my avatar. :) Clearly this means I like the concept. I feel like you should use a deeper depth of field though so your hands & camera could be entirely in focus...or your face instead. Either way would be cool.
It's the A#1 most cliche thing in the world to do with a camera. I advise avoiding it.
All Canons are... right! Everyone one knows a camera brand spelled right spells, "Nikon"!:peacesign:

Actually, it's the Nikons that are backwards. The + and the - are reversed on the Nikon light meters. Why some design engineer (in the early Nikon days) thought that the + should go on the left and - on the right is beyond me.

I'm a Nikon shooter, btw.
It's artsy. It's supposed to be out of focus. We can still tell that it is "Canon". But is it a self-portrait? I do not think so. It could be anyone.
There's nothing redeeming about this at all. What were you hoping for?

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