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Apr 2, 2009
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I'm looking to do a portrait of myself at home.

I want one similar to this.. 176 • 365 :: Silly Self Portrait on Flickr - Photo Sharing! where its a black background but i'm quite well lit.

I've only got one 430ex flash for the top of my camera (no cords or triggers) and i have a few 150w halogen lights. Is there anything i can do with these and are there any examples/diagrams of where i need to put the lights etc. anywhere?
I wouldn't use the halogens.

In the picture you linked to the flash/light is coming from the right and could be from a large softbox or possible an umbrella (bounced). Power was set pretty high.

Are you willing to spend anything to get this shot or do you just want to do it with what you have? Since the 430EX has a swivel head you might be able to turn it and have the flash bounce off something white, but you'd have spill lighting up the background...unless you block the spill with some kind of gobo.

If you have a lightstand and some way to remotely trigger the flash then this would be pretty easy to do. You would have to have some space between you and the background, have the light source pretty close to you. See this page for more info: Strobist: Lighting 102 - Position / Distance


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