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Apr 24, 2012
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Sherwood, AR
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I wanted to try out a new camera and see how the photographs would look, so I borrowed my friend's EOS 7D. My friend is also a photographer. This was challenging. I used her 50mm 1.8 and shot with a lot of space to later crop. I used a tripod with a remote timer.

Used LR to help sharpen the photos, because I missed focus on most. I have an A55 Sony, and the real difference I could detect was it had much better sharpness at night. It clicked away were mine has to process a lot. Going to try it some more and her Pentax to see if I am ready to switch to a new camera. Also got another friend with a Nikon.

Could you please tell me, if these photos are focused? I think my eye sight is getting worse, because they look soft to me.

C&C is welcome...bad or good. C&C helps me look at a photo in a different way = learning.


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Bunny, they look pretty good to me. The first one may not be focused on the eyes but it's not bad. I didn't know they had doors that colorful in AR. lol
It is a Garden with enter gate that is decimated to H.U. Lee. We have the nations here in Little Rock at the Convection Center. It is H.u. Lee International Gate and Garden.

Thank you, self portraits are so hard.

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