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Apr 28, 2007
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southern california
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While I like the idea, I'd like to see more of the actual subject instead of black...
Great concept....... but my opinion is that your eye should be in focus. If your goal for this shot is for the ear phones and a partial face are to be in forcus you need a better aperture (higher) or step back from the subject. Also the white balance picks up too much red tones. There are a few hot spots from your flash. The black hair blends a little too much with the background and doesn't show enough depth.

Over all I like the concept and composition ......if it was just a bit clearer.
Maybe sometime I will try taking it again. ;)
I actually used a desklamp for my lighting, I dont like using the on camera flash.
And I never realized how much my eye was out of focus compared to the headphone until you pointed that out. :lol:

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