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Sep 6, 2011
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Ok, I'm not familiarized with flashes and stuff but I need an advice to the light. here I post 2 pics the first one i wanted to give enphasis to the makeup and second one is an idea of the style of photoshoot I have to make next week. I am preparing myself to the photoshoot of my new collection of clothes I will make to some models next friday and I'll make the makeup art and the shoots so I want they look with actitude and of course having a good notion of the flash.

here I used an white umbrella to the left of the picture with flash to 2/7

Makeup por Stanza Photography, en Flickr

Here I used the light that comes through the window to my left and the same umbrella with flash to 4/7 to my right.

Speed Clothes new collection por Stanza Photography, en Flickr

Pictures Iso 100. Help?
I have to say that I really like the photo in your set that is between the two of these!:drool:

Anyway, I like the lighting in the first pic. The second pic here looks like it needs to be a bit warmer. As for the light, keep in mind that I am not to keen for fashion shoot, but I would think that shadows that fall on the clothing would be bad because you lose detail.

You need to make the other pic not shown here your profile pic! Beautiful young lady...
1) I like the lighting in this shot, it is nice and even across the face and does a good job of showing off the makeup. One non-lighting comment is that the horizontal orientation allows too much of the background into the shot for my taste, particularly for the intent of emphasizing the makeup. I'd crop it in from the left to remove the left-most one or two sections of the screen in the background. Without these relatively light colored panels competing for the viewer's attention, your face and the makeup on it really pop.

2) I largely agree with cnutco about the shadows on the clothing. Generally photos meant to show off the clothes have more even lighting so that detail on the clothes is not lost. For instance, the vertical detail in the pants leg - I can't tell if that blends into the solid part of the pant or is just fading into shadow. Also, the detail in the lacing in the crotch may have been better lit. On the other hand, the lighting does convey a certain mood to the photo, a mood which seems to suit the outfit. So it becomes a trade between showing more detail versus keeping this feeling. One thing that holds true regardless is that by using window light and strobe you have two different color temperatures, most notably in the two halves of the jacket. If you can, try to get your strobe to get it closer to the ambient light. Otherwise, very nice shots, particularly for self portraits.
Thanks to both, nice observations I will practice more to the photoshoot this thursday. I also will play with two umbrelllas with flashes so maybe I can adquire another interesting result. I will take care with the shadows to give enphasis in to the clothes 100%.

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