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Aug 16, 2010
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So I finally was able to do senior portraits for a girl. We had alot of fun.
Here are some of the images we got.

We had quite a few more but I wasnt about to post ALL of them:lol:




I can't see your photos. There are just question marks where they should be.
I think they are all excellent, good focus and PP.

Only nit picky thing... Last shot, you cut off her shoulder, could have been framed a bit better.
Overall, I think your lighting is a bit hash and takes away from some of the skin detail. Perhaps a bit of dodging?

#1 - Love the use of lines and textures and she is nicely framed. Thanks for not going cliché with the train tracks.

#2 - The eyes being so far to the corners gives a slight manic feel to the subject. Focus seems to be on the lips and jewelry rather than the eyes. The hair coming from under the jawline and across the white strip of her top is a bit distracting. This can be removed in post.

#3 - Love the look of this one, but this time I don't mind the eyes being in the far corners. A diffuser would've helped from blowing out the hair and skin highlights.

#4 - The foot behind the head, the grass in front, the football shoulders..... eeeeehhhhhh. Sorry, but this is the weakest of the lot.

All in all, nicely done. Nice looking girl too. She should be happy with your results for a first timer.
Thank you all for the wonderful Feedback.
I agree with some of the critiquing and all of it will deffinately help with future shoots. Later on today I will work on adjusting a couple of the things pointed out and repost. ( heading into work right now though :grumpy: - Photography is far more entertaining lol) :lol::sexywink:
i like all of them there are a couple spots that are a little to bright but very nice
I really like #1. I agree with the missing shoulder in #4, and I don't know if the grass was intended as a view block but had it not been there we might be headed down a slippery slope again. :lmao:


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