Sensor Cleaning


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May 6, 2011
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British Columbia
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Do you guys clean your sensors yourselves, or have a professional do it?

I had some dust that was showing up at smaller aperture and took it in to a local camera repair shop to have it done. I went to Lens & shutter first and they were going to send it away and said I would be without it for 4 weeks. The local (reputable) shop, said they would have it to me in 2-3 days.

Do you think this was a good idea?

I've never cleaned it myself, or been shown how, but also didn't want to be without it for 4 weeks.
One of my photography mentors taught me to use a baby nose-sucker thing, and you squeeze all the air out and then bring it close to the sensor and let it suck in. Never let it blow on it though.
I've watched a couple of videos on line and it doesn't look to hard. The problem was that everyone in town was sold out of the wipes and I wanted it cleaned pronto. I'll be buying the supplies next time they are in stock and doing it myself. Or ordering them online.

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