Separating the Expanses


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Apr 6, 2006
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The Mighty Midwest
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I like the shot, not fond of the frame though, it seems to draw your eyes away from the photo.
Well, here's the same pic with a different frame...

...and with no frame

I went with the frame originally, because there is so much white space that I felt made your eyes wander off the picture. What do you think of the non-framed one?
i think it definitely needs a frame. i like this shot. i am kind of wishing there was more detail in the water, but then again, that may detract from the mood/tone of the shot. nice capture... :thumbup:
I was wondering: is it a winter pic? Is the expanse a wide expanse of snow?
Then I saw a wee bit of definition in the water ... but all in all I fear I am not too fond of the blown-out water of the river, I find this one not quite correctly exposed. (Which can be a pain with water, I know that!)
Well, here's what it looked like before I messed with it, if you prefer the detail in the river.

I was trying something a bit different and trying to take advantage of the huge empty spaces in the sky and on the river. Oh well... you win some you lose some :)

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