Sharing my thougths regarding the latest upgrade ..


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Oct 29, 2020
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I would like share my thoughts regarding the latest forum upgrade ..

There are certainly things that improved and also other things that fall to category regression ... Actually what I do not like well are things related to editor and actually to posting photographies and images here on the forum ... let me explain

1) gallery works better in the meaning of uploading content but that's the only feature .. everything else is worse .. the worst thing at all is that pictures and now not tiled like before in kind of "tetris-manner" keeping the whole picture previews and aspect ratio, now the pictures are molested to fit 1x1 square format, moreover there are sub-pages so for bigger gallery you have turn the page instead of gallery expands with scrolling automatically like on the "modern web pages"

2) posting in editor and final result is still definitely not better .. If I don't count issues with editor itself, pictures still don't automatically fit to browser, so for example there's no a good way to post portrait format pictures ..

3) I love to click on pictures here and I would love to always have an in-browser-fullscreen-pop-up-window (like if the pictures are in gallery here - this part works) also for pictures from other media (eg linked from flicker) .. unfortunately a lot of people here posts via flicker and the pop-up floating window and in general the in-post preview and thumbnail doesn't work well ...

I greatly appreciate your effort to keep this forum up and living but I don't appreciate that much for example last mentioned forum software upgrade because literally it didn't bring anything improvement to core elements important for the-photography-forum .. (which is for example editor focused towards posting images, gallery, images presentation itself ...)

regards, dan
also I don't like the look and set of reactions now ... those emoticons are ugly and why for the sake of God we cannot disagree now or in general put somewhere a negative reaction (for me it was something like count 1/1000 and 99% people here did it same)

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