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Jan 8, 2021
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Hello. Has anyone here has found an online service / tool that makes it easy to post and get quantifiable feedback on your images? (votes / ratings) For example, a way to display 20 photos on a page and ask people to select their top 5, or rank the images in some way ("Wow!", "Nice", "Meh")

I feel there has to be something out there like this, but I haven't found it yet via searching. There are plenty of online survey tools out there, but even those that support images treat them like dressing on the salad, not the main course.

For background, I'm starting to sell my photos in a few formats-- greeting cards, matted prints, canvas prints. A tool like this could give me insight on which images people like the most, helping me decide which pictures to feature (and/or preprint-- unit prices on greeting cards drops significantly as you buy more)

Beyond that, I think this could also create a marketing win by driving more engagement. People do like to express their opinion-- right?-- and I've found they tend to support things they're involved in.

Thank you for reading this, and for any help you can offer. I wish everyone here much success and growth in 2021

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Nope, can't say I have. I'm sure some help will come along tho.

I had an app years ago that shared photos on your phone to those nearby and gave them a chance to rate it, but I don't know if it's still avalible or remember what it's called.

I've also sent a PM with a suggestion you may find useful.
Maybe you could ask the moderators if you could start a thread here for members to give feed back
I am not clear enough on the rule book to know if it’s allowed
I used an online print service to make post cards, There are sometimes good deals to be had
I’m not aware of any apps that are specific to what you’re looking for. Specific critique and feedback can be requested here in TPF in the c and c forum. Alternatively, posting in photo specific Facebook groups, on Instagram, Flickr, 500px etc give you a gauge via “likes” and comments.
I suppose the question here is if those people aren't paying, why is this something you would worry about? I have students who ask me this as well, and I ask the same question to them. If YOU feel like the work is your best, and the client is happy, there are no other opinions that matter, If inexperience is the issue, find a few pros who are willing to look at your work and give you an honest critique. I personally would value this more than a generic score on an image you've made. And there is the C&C gallery here that does this already as well. The trouble with doing this is that opinions, as the old saying goes, are like butt holes. My preference would be find a few people who you KNOW have excellent work and ask for a review of your work. Hope this helps.

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