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Jun 21, 2004
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After hunting down the batteries for the flash (which were in the basement thanks to Lucas :meh: ) I tried to take some photos of Evelyn sitting... her newest trick! However, she wasn't terribly happy after waiting for a half hour for Mommy to find the batteries so we ended up with these instead :lol: We'll see if she'll sit tomorrow :lmao:

The shirt says it all ;)

Getting sleepy
photogoddess said:
What a cutie!!! I'm amazed at how much she looked like you at first and now resembles Aub more. :lol:

Yeah, she's Daddy's girl in personality and looks!

Thanks for the comments...she's growing way to fast!
Far from deserving to be in the snapshots and bloopers section! She is indeed one of the most adorable (and from what I have seen, the most polite mannered) baby I have ever seen. :D
Hey, I am with Brittany on this: why are these here, in the Snapshots and Bloopers?
That last one ("getting sleepy") sure deserves being in the Portraits! I say...

And yes, she is one of the prettiest (save my own daughter when she was that little, of course, cough-cough, heehee) and best behaved babies I know ... she even lets herself be sent into trance if need be. I know that for a fact --- and I also happen to know that BEFORE the trance she often tries to test her voice and lungs! Oh yeah! ;) :D
Thank you Brittany and Corinna! I put them in snapshots just because I was shooting without any thought to camera settings and hoping for the best. I did post one of the shots in the portraits :)

Yes Corinna, she certainly does test her lungs! She's learning how to "talk" now and will babble on and then laugh and laugh if you mimic what she has said. We are very lucky to have such a good natured baby. She reminds me of Christopher when he was younger.
She is so cute, I love her long eyelashes and her little nose....I can't believe how big she is getting already.
She looks like one of the boys so much in the second picture.....I want to say Christopher....something about how she's looking off reminds me of him!

Both shots are soooo sweet. :lovey:

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