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Nov 26, 2015
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I chose these photos 10 of a set of60, so you can learn from you how to take better photos. You can edit the photos at will.
I took these photos in 3 different locations and took it me about 25 minutes. I looked for backgrounds with some texture . The photos were point and shoot on full auto . Constructive comments are welcome.i toke this photo by 3 reasons
1- learn more about the d40 that i bought and make better photos.
2- save some pictures of the bmx.
3 - sell the bmx on some craiglist site at fair cost.


1 crankset ,bb and chain close ups

2 front wheel

3 with another background

4 on the cobblestone

5 on grass

6 autumn leaves

7 on the park

8 on the park wall

9 tire

10 blue cap
Hi again. If you post one or two specific photos with a view to getting constructive critisism to improve, you will get much better feedback than posting 10. Its just to many and there is no "starting point" per se. I recommend editing your post and leave just a small number of photos to view,
lets try this way
please choose the best 4 photos please.
I would just delete them all and start again. There seems to be no focal point of interest in them, at least not to me. I don't like the way bits of the bike are cropped off frame in 3, 4, 5 and 6 and the 'close-ups' are not tight enough to have any interest.

PS my spell checker suggested faecal for a mis-spelling of focal, I was almost inclined to accept the suggestion.
I think the main issue here is that you're trying too hard to be artistic. Yes, odd angles and close-ups can work, but start with the basics. Get well exposed shots of the whole bicycle, and have a look in some of the BMX magazines; try and emulate the work you see there. The image of the bicycle on the leaves would have been quite nice, but you've cropped out bits of both wheels and the handlebars. What, that was as wide as your lens would go? Well then... do some thinking; raise yourself up. Stand on a bench or bring a ladder... there's ways of going these things!
2,6,10. I can't pick any others.
I'll say 1, 6, 10 as they have the autumn leaves. #6 needs the whole bike, turn the wheels so the air valves are at the 7 o'clock position and put the closer pedal flat like the back pedal and have the handlebars pointing directly ahead or angled slightly towards the camera and not away from the camera.
First i will like to thank all the persons that reply to my post.
As I said this set took place on the street, in about 25 minutes.
As for the subject of interest it was the bmx, which I intend to sell.
As craiglist is full of ads I decided to make a better presentation of bmx.
I did not had a very clear idea of the angles and the parts of the bmx that i take photos. I was looking for backgrounds that have color and texture that make the bmx stand up.
Now as for the pictures. Where are my thoughts.
photo 1
bottom bracket , serial number and the curvature of the frame give the photo some 3 dimensions, the leaves provide a background dominated by color and the asymmetric texture againstthe color and symmetry of the frame.
photo 2
one of the best photos with focus on bike brand.
photo 3
This one is here because of the background color. Maybe with more light the background will show its texture.
I don´t like to see the cobblestone but if i shoot a little higher the metal fence will appear on the photo. The bike should appear on the right insted of the left because that way it will apear on scene not go out of scene. Wheel crop should be avoided.
photo 4
i like the cobblestone background and the bmx is not in the center of the photo.
I like the two trees if i take a lower photo i think i will ruin the dinamic of the photo.
photo 6
I like the leaves. Next time i will try to put pedals symetric and the wheel on the direction of the camera.
I had to crop the bmx because not had enough leaves to cover the whole background area. Going up to take the shoot cross my mind but i didn´t have the leaves to cover the background, maybe with some photoshop.
photo 7
I like the light,the color and the background.
photo 8
I like the texture wall.
The bmx seems a bit out of focus. It needed a cleaner background perhaps with a wider aperture.
photo 9
I like the blank tire name with black background
photo 10
As was short of things to photograph, I photographed the cap.

By the way it was all full auto so the credits goes to the D40.

I didn't notice any serial number in #1. Not even after you mentioned it. I had to still search for it pretty hard. If you're trying to take a pic of that, it should be zoomed WAY in on that number.

If you're trying to sell the bike, there are things I'd be interested in as a buyer. Tire wear, handle grip wear, brake pad wear, dents/dings/scratches. Yes Brand as well. You need to accentuate the selling points of the bike, not worry about different backgrounds as much.
The only pics I see as selling type pics are 2,3,9,10.

Bottom line, not trying to offend, but you're spending a lot of time taking pics of a worn out bike I wouldn't pay more than $20 for. There's nothing "custom" or really special about this bike.
the serial number was not the focus of the picture, i was simply taking a shoot of the crankset and bb. As for the $20, the bikes on that side of the pound are very cheap, with $20 on this side , i can´t get 2 tires :).

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