Shooting kids

how bout now? hah.. i think the image that was originally uploaded was a too low of res..
Eyes are out of focus.
No, it's definitely soft. Look at her eyes. Either the camera shook or you missed the focus just a bit. Manual focus, or auto?

I like the pose and like you said, I think the girl's a natural. Good expression. Did you take any other shots of this pose?
sorry guys i didnt have my coffee at the time of reposting.. kind of a scatter brain..

check the link now.. i copied and pasted the exact same link as before (the low low res image)

let me know now haha.. - Eric Chiarito

and yes i have more shots of her.. not in that pose though.. generally only take 1 shot per look and edit it .. helps keep the book more interesting i think..

you can see more work i did of her there are 3 total.. just click "next" or "previous"

my question is though .. have any of you ran into serious problems shooting kids where you just... COULDNT get the shot?
I thought it was done with the newer Lensbaby 2.0 with a smaller aperture disc, or that it might have been post-processed to look like the newer, high-res Lensbaby shots, with an almost totally sharp center area, and then a lot of fall-off in resolving power at the edges of the frame. It's a "look"...I thought the look was quite acceptable....cute kid, looks like she can strum a guitar...sort of a pleasing "real child advertising shot" look...looked okay to me...
no lens baby there.. used a throw away 50$ .. 50mm lens haha.. think that was shot with the 7d as well..

lighting was a hot light to warm things up a bit.. it was quite an overcast day.. actually it was raining on us the whole time =P
Shooting children? Dont they lock you up for that?
apparently its frowned down upon in our society if you shoot a kid.. who woulda thunk it?

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