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Feb 2, 2010
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Milwaukee, Wi
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Out of my vacation photos, these are the pics that have caught my eye. I am looking for opinions on what could be improved. What might you have done differently?




Thanks for looking!
Wow. I love 2 and 3. I don't know that I would have done anything different. Great job!
Unfortunately I had one of those "hand on forehead" moments when looking at these number 3, I wish I had moved a touch farther left to capture those pinetrees more.... their "silhouettes" in front of the sky and such would have helped I think.
Where did you go? I need to get my butt over there, wherever it was. :)

The first is ok, not too original though. And it seems a bit underexposed to me, but it could easily be my monitor. I'm not crazy about how only the middle of the walkway is in focus; I think either have the front in focus, or the far-away part in focus, or the whole thing, but not just the middle.

The second is really cool, though I may just be reacting to the awesome scenery. I think, though, that if you could somehow get the mountain, boats, and trees to pop a little more but leave the sky how it is, it would be better. When I first saw those boats they reminded me of a row of books! Took me a second...

The third has, I think, the best lighting. The sunlight works here, though I don't love the mountain shadow on the right. Not your fault, of course. Very cool how everything converges to a point in the middle-ish, but then those boats are sticking out in a different spot... it gets me to look at the whole thing. It does feel a little lopsided to me, though, with the high cliff and tall trees on the left but just a background mountain on the right. Hmm.

Overall, I like them.
I understand your opinions on those, what you said about #1 in particular.

What do you think about the square format?
Beautiful scenary and in my opinion excellent composition. I wouldnt do a thing diff
Why do they look so fake? They look more like water color paintings than photos. Did you do some post processing? #3 especially looks like a painting.
I actually really like the focus point in #1, if the end of the walkway was in focus it would have just felt kinda unoriginal to me I guess. I also like how it brings some of the tall grass on the sides into focus.

It does feel slightly off horizontally though, and since the actual horizon can't be seen the subject itself is all I have to go by.
I'd use the perspective tool on that pine tree in #3. These look lovely.

On 2nd look it may have jsut been a crooked tree. :D
They all look great. Assuming you had some room behind you, it may have been good to back up a bit and go slightly longer focal length on #2. IMO the boats look way too large in frame compared to the mountain view, almost seems like an ubstruction as opposed to part of the scene. But thats just my perception of it I guess it still works overall.
Thanks everybody!

In number 1, I actually did level the horizon in photoshop... Maybe I will try to make it look a bit more even.

Number 2 was actually shot at 18mm--- My widest

I have never used the perspective tool, but I will look into that later on.
Now that I look at it on my home computer. I actually don't mind #2 so much. Good job getting nice focus on the distant mountains.

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