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Aug 9, 2018
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I know that the shutter is often located between the lenses on a 4x5 view camera, but I have some old 35 mm film lenses I would like to try on my 4x5. To do so I would need to mound a shutter behind the lens on the lens mounting board.

I have no idea what the image circle, or other variables might be. But I am sure I am not the first person to try this.

Is there any reason why this would not work?

Google "35mm lenses large format camera" or similar.
Yes, you can use Nikon's 35mm lenses on a 4x5 camera. To get infinity focus all you have to do is mount the lens so that it is the standard Nikon Flange Focal distance from the ground glass or film. That distance is 46.5mm.

Once this is achieved the lens should throw a circular image a little bit wider than the diagonal of the 35mm frame. About 44mm in diameter or perhaps a few millimetres more.

When lenses are used in close-up magnification work their image circle increases. I'd expect Nikon 35mm lenses to cover the full 4x5 format at magnifications of 4x or more.

Good luck with the camera build.

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