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May 25, 2007
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Well, I just recieved my Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 from B&H which was delivered just as they said and on time. First off WOW, it is a tank and weighs as such:) Makes my D40 look like a toy:) It fits just fine on my D40 and focuses great. Know I have to learn to use it to its fullest. Everything about the lens feels very well made and is in working order. Any tips about using f/2.8 in low light (such a s settings) would be great. I will play around more after work.
I'm not sure why people always ask "what setting should I use"
Cause it's different for every single scene.
Learn to meter a scene, and make the decision based on that, and what you see on the screen.

It is a nice lens, hope to see some nice pics from it.
I have the same lens (for my Canon). I LOVE it and you will too.

I do find that if your subject is too small, at f/2.8 it may focus on the background and not the subject. Be careful of that.

Oh, and you get used to the weight. I'm a tiny 5'7" 130 pound high school student and I don't mind carrying it around with me everywhere. :D
Sounds like you are excited about your new baby. Congrats.

You are shooting digital, so experimenting should be an incentive. Shoot, shoot, shoot some more, and then shoot again. We can't tell you what settings to use because we are not right next you when you open that shutter. Play around with it, get to know what you CAN'T do with it. Subsequentially, you will learn what it CAN do. :DIf you really want to see what it can do in low-light situations, go find an old abandoned farm, or some place dark, take a tripod and fire away. Expect exposures longer than 1/10.

Mmmmm, long exposure :drool:
I have the 18-200VR Nikkor lens... but the next lens I am looking at is Nikkor's 70-200 F/2.8 with a sub 2.0 teleconverter.

Is'nt Christmas right around the corner? What perfect timing!
Yes it is a heavy lens but it is worth it:) I have 2 Church plays comming up that I may shoot (Non paid) and that will give me some good practice in low light. I am know working on finding a nice case to keep it in. I plan to keep it on my camera so the case must be long enough to hold it on the camera:) Thanks

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