Sigma 200-500 2.8

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yah mad isn't it!
it really needs IS does that lens! ;)
LOL, I read about that thing a while back (before it was released). Nice to see a review on it finally. It seems more trouble than it's worth though, like trying to carry around a piece of artillery. The way he seems to be struggling with it in every shot says it all. :lol:

But I guess if you need f/2.8 at 500mm, it's your thing. Very cool, nonetheless.
Damn already late April. I think I'll lose the bet of how many times this lens gets mentioned this year.

Btw as a side note how stupid would you feel as the model in the photo. Talk about "it's not the size that matters" jeesh.
Now if carrying THAT lens around doesn't put you in shape, nothing will!

I love that one comment... "when bringing up the camera to the eye with this lens, one has to be very careful... the recoil could poke out an eye" :lol:
Holy crap, that's hand-holdable?

That's not even a Bigma anymore, so what would you call the thing? SigZilla? Sigmasaurus? SigFoot?

I heard they call it Sigmonster. I'm thinking of going to B&H just to play around with that lens. lol.
It weighs 35 lbs and comes with a 2X TC. I bet Uncle Sam has bought a couple, 3 of them.
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