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Simple Product Pictures


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Mar 8, 2010
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Here are a couple recent product shots that I did they seem to be getting a little better but could use some work I think just not sure what.


Three light setup for this one standard 3 light positioning


Two flash at 45* angles


Two flash at 45* angles
2 is awesome.
1 appears to have WB issues
3 is good too.
#2, the shadow is hideous.
I agree with the above

1. seems to have a WB or colour cast problem.
2. looks like there's bee a lot of PP and the shadow particularly has suffered.
3. isn't bad at all.
to prevent hard shadow, a cheap way to prefent it or soften it is to get a white board and bounce some lights off it from behind. Play with the flash also, with different stops and also, if you can, get an umbrella/softbox set from amazon (if you already haven't got one) they will really help you diffuse some hard lighting
1 and 2 look a bit fake expecially the shadow on number 2 looks completely weird 3 is your best one.
thanks for the feedback

1. I had the bottle in my hand looking at the photo and its not a color issue but it looks fake for some reason. It's been bothering me since i shot it.

2. The background was off white at best and PP gave me that shadow I have not had a chance to learn how to fix the shadow. I would like one there because it looks more real but what is there isn't something I would consider real by any means. The idea of bouncing a white board to make it less is the route I will go next time I try that shot.

3. This one probably looks the best because besides for some slight levels adjustment its right out of the camera.

The products themselves I feel are shot very well on exposure and reflection and such but I fall short on the over all feel of the image.

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