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Mar 23, 2009
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Some of you may have seen my Simunye album up a while ago.
(photos are in my simunye photograpy collection if you haven't)

Well, i was looking for a way to express my simunye experience in a way that a few photos could never manage. Thus i came up with a time lapse video called 'Simunye 3096'.

It has 3096 photos in it and lasts 5 minutes. My intentions weren't to let you focus on a single photo, but rather put them all together so you were told the whole story.

You can find it here.
Time Lapse - Simunye 3096 | Photo Guides

Hope you all like it :)
:no smile: Cool concept but I had to stop at 1:05 sec as I started to get motion sickness. Weed out half the pictures and set a slower flick rate. Still five minutes long but then maybe the queasiness will not factor. With such a fast flick rate one loses the emotional attatchment anyways.
Instant headache watching that... I agree with Leighthal, slow it down. You could still get the same effect/emotion with 1/4 of the photos and slow it down.
I agree, it's too fast. I couldn't last more than 30 seconds.

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