Singing for it's supper


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Aug 16, 2006
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Ely England
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Great tit - singing more for breakfast in early morning sunlight


Just to prove the old chap is still exiled to his garage for a puff of his pipe and haven't forgotten the camera.

Also had a visit from the long tailed tits


Whilst the pheasant hopes they have dropped something for him

Oh, how I like the photo that gives this thread its name. :D A great tit "mid-song", that is good.
And hey, I also like the pheasant photo quite a bit. I just wonder :scratch: and wonder :scratch: if the background colour of that photo could have anything to do with it??? :scratch:

1st photo is lovely with well matched colours - well done
Holy Toledo, I don't think I've ever seen the tongue on one of those l'il guys! That first shot is wonderful...good detail, dof, composition, complementary colours etc. I'm amazed how green the grass is there. And that pheasants come strolling into your backyard.
Would you have expected our grass to be white as in "covered in snow"? Not to be had, I'm afraid. We get "green winters". *sigh*
Either covered in a gentle dusting of snow, or dead and brown like our grass gets in the winter!

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