Single light portraits - C&C please


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Nov 1, 2008
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St. Louis, Missouri
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Wife and step daughter

Both pictures taken with a single 150W/S light at 1/3 power set at head height 3 feet from the subject shooting through a 45" RUD umbrella. 1/320 shutter @ f16. Nikon D40, 18-50 kit lens, cheapie Ebay wireless trigger.


OK, that thing in the background is a lamp - I cannot see it until I upload to photobucket, I guess I need a new monitor! :)
the lighting is a little better on the first one but both are pretty grainy
Reduce the ISO.
There is too much noise at 1600.
Since they are not moving ... you can drop the ISO and open the aperture.

Have the subject and lighting move further away from the background ... to keep it very dark. Open the aperture to drop the depth of field.

You might want to put a large white card on the left side to reflect some light back.

Second shot is a little over exposed ... since she is faced more towards the light.

First shot is not bad.
I forgot to switch ISO auto off - first mistake.

The background was 10 feet away, it was very reflective though - we're going to buy some seamless soon.

Thanks for the comments, all are appreciated.

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