Nicely done. If the dresses were the object (vice the children), did you do any in the shade ton increase the contrast between the dress and background?
I didn't.. but I do have some other images of the dress on a hanger in a different location in the shade for the listings. Don't mind the hideous large watermark on this but this is the other I have.. lol if you don't wm like this on etsy your "stock" type images get stolen left and right. I've had photos stolen before on there.
Nice exposures, great pix of girls
dresses look terrific
imo way too loosely cropped.
and lots of surprisingly ugly bokeh.
1st one may be a bit contrasty in faces.

Thanks! Yes, the busy bokeh is definitely not ideal :/ long story short.. the girls were not having it one bit when I tried to step too far back to shoot for better bokeh. That was my biggest ehhh feeling on these personally.

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