First of, I think you should put the pictures directly in your post. Many people are too lazy to click on links and search through pictures.

Now, on to the CC: For someone who is new to photography, some of these look really good, especially the silhouette shots. Others look like your typical "I was really not rying"-skateboard-shots. When doing skateboard photography, you should try a lot of different angles, very low ones often work brilliantly. i wouldn't use a wide angle converter too, IMO it looks really cheap and gets boring extremely fast. A real fisheye should be relatively cheap for a Canon.
Thank you very much! if you have any fish eye suggestions, i would appreciate it.

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I might be a little bit late on this one, but I do have some fish eye advice. It's this: Bower 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye Manual Focus Lens for Canon APS-C EOS Autofocus Cameras: Camera & Photo. I use the same lens on an olympus E-520, and for what it costs, it really works quite well. With some PP it really can produce great images. But you should be aware that it's MF. You can't really focus through the viewfinder, you just have to guess and work with the distance numbers on the focus ring.

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