Skiing at the skatepark.


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Jun 2, 2007
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Northern Massachusetts
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Pants blend a bit. I wish i used a rim for the pants and gloves. This was my first time shooting skiing or snowboarding. Critiques and comments welcome! I haven't shot anything besides terrible portraits in months.
i like it. just curious as to the lighting you used
Those are some serious jib skis! They're short as hell!

Anyway I think you did a nice job, though I agree about the pants. You could cheat your way through that problem by having your subject wear different colored pants.
Very nice pic.

You ski at the skatepark? I ski at the snowpark, huge ramps and rails and all :)

I think Im gonna go and take some pics myself...
This was lit with 3 Vivitar 285's. One slightly to the right or the spine ramp to my right about 7 feet high. One to my left right next to the run up to the ramp about 3 feet high, and the final one was slightly behind him across the park about 7 feet high. All of them were on full power I believe. First time using my third flash. Just got it in that day. I also shot this on my sq-a. Square composed so much better. Thanks a lot people.
I like the shot, it's certainly interesting to look at. I wish there was a closer crop, but that's just personal preference because the shot does work well with this composition. Nice shot.
I like it a lot, especially the dark background (although some light spots on the top left corner are a bit distracting).

I took the liberty of editing your pic a tad (disclaimer: my editing abilities are basic at the most, and I just use Picasa!). I cropped it a bit, tilted it, added a bit of light so the pants could show, and finally I warmed the image a touch.


Thank you. This park is only 10 minutes from my house so I'll probably re-shoot with different comps. Ran out of sunlight that day and I went today but it was like 15 degrees. Way to cold to hold my camera hahaha. What a pansy I am. I may bump this in a week or so with the MF version.
Nice work, and I like the original one better. Great lighting.

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