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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Groupcaptainbonzo, Jul 6, 2007.

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    A few weeks ago I bought myself a lovely new lens..... It was about 48 hours later that my computer crashed (... A G A I N ...) and after a lot of soul searching (That would be the Nat West Soul (English joke... the Nat West is a bank )). I found that the easy way out would be to buy a new computer. A low spec machine, but still better than my old creaky one. And as it is new I can rely on it more... not to mention that it comes with a guarentee.
    Those of you who have bought computers recently will know that MOST machines now ship with "V I S T A" (Oh! joy of joys ! ! ....) Which I am getting to grips with, and have to admit that I am beginning to see possibilities. Allbeit a long way off. But that is the learning curve for you..
    The point is (Finally) that in addition to all its other little foibles, it will not run "Photodex Proshow Gold".
    It does have "Windows Movie Maker" Which I have to admit is very good for what it is. But there are limitations with it...

    I am looking for (In view of my financial embarassment, hopefully a Public Domain ) a program which will allow me to make Slide Shows.

    I need to be able to add Images (Obviously), movies, Sound tracks, Narrations etc. And to control the time of each image, to define Zoom and pan manouvers. Also the image change effects (Flip, Peel, Starburst et al). Anything else would be a bonus
    Any Ideas folks?

    many thanks

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    I have tried a lot of slideshow softwares, lucky, I find a good program, which is DVD Slideshow Builder, you can transform your photos and vieos in sync with background music to all-round video formats, it has the powerful editing photo/video function and plenty of wonderful effects. It must be worthy for you.
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    Adobe premiere elements is great and you get unlimited audio and video tracks, plus control of the opacity of the videos (great for special effects)and volume of the audios and so many more features. I have had very good luck using it and selling slideshows. I put peoples home albums on dvd with it.

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