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Sep 23, 2015
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How do you best correct slightly overexposed photos? Just wondering which techniques/ methods work best for you.. thanks! I use lightroom for the most part.
There are many ways/tools. The exposure slider is one, 'though it's sort of a 'sledghammer' approach. I prefer to do exposure correction in Lightroom, and apply the changes to the raw file using the highlights, whites, blacks and shadow sliders as well as the curves adjustment tool to get exactly the level of exposure I want across the image. If I'm doing any corrections in Photoshop, then I tend to use Levels or Curves adjustment layers.
If I edit them in Photoshop first I use Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw plugin to adjust exposure =)
Photoshop CC - raw gets ACR and frequently jpg gets ACR from the Filter Tab as well. Any bit level stuff gets PS.
Lightroom is good also but I just can't get into it..................
Photoshop Camera Raw and Lightroom's Develop module use the same software Adobe Camera Raw (ACR).

Photoshop CC has Adjustment Layers that better allow local edits.
Often we don't want or need to adjust the entire image frame with a global edit.
Using Photoshop's precision and varied Selection tools we can locally 'mask' an area in the image frame we do, or don't, want edited.

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