Small flowers


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Jun 3, 2010
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I can't recall how small they were and there's no distance information in my exif info. I was going to post in the macro section but since I'm not sure I'll post here. The exif show shot at f9 so I must have been pretty close with such shallow DOF.


I love the color of the flower but that blue thing in the background is distracting

I agree. Wish I was good enough to clone it out. I'll have to give it another shot.
I much prefer the color version - for most flowers, the majority of their interest comes from their color, so it's rare you see a bloom that benefits from being shot in (or converted to) black and white. The monochrome shot has a sort of depressing air to it.
Nice close up. I'll go with the color shot over the B&W. That darker object really distracts from the overall effectivenss of the photo.

I know it's tough to always concentrate enough on the full frame, especially with close up florals. I often get a lot of things that just seem to pop up in post production. I've gone to forcing myself to study the LCD hopefully before the shot, but if not after, just to see what I missed. I don't have the best of vision, so I use every option at my disposal.
So can anyone guess how these were lit?
Lovely flower and matching DOF; yes, i too feel a bit disturbed by falling blue....if it were of same color, that would have been a story like "Life and Death"

Black and white is the last option for this image

Regards :D

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