So How Can I Make An Upgrade?


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Mar 20, 2009
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as of right now, im stuck with the Canon Rebel Xt.

it's one of the first slr's canon released, im pleased with it but would like to upgrade.

i'm interested in the canon 5D Mark 2, but 2,500 bucks is alot of money and i'm not sure i'll be making the right decision.

maybe i should just go with the Canon Rebel XSI, i think that camera will get the job done, and for only about 800 dollars.

i take photography at concerts and low light most of the time.

can anyone help me out
What lenses do you have?
In low light, you will need 2.8 glass at a minimum. The 5d can benefit you there with it's higher ISO. They key is for us to understand what lenses you have. You may bebetter off buying a good quality lens now that will be with you through your camera upgrades.
I haven't use Canon DSLR but I don't think the XSI is that big of an improvement over the XT as far as noise go. The Canon 5D Mark II is a good choice or perhaps even a Canon 5D is better if budget is a concern. Perhaps a 40D too.
I would consider the 50D. It is a significant upgrade over the XT.
The lenses might make all the difference. I shoot with a Rebel XS, but I am LOVING my 50mm f/1.4 with it!
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The lenses might make all the difference. I shoot with a Rebel XS, but I am LOVING my 500mm f/1.4 with it!

I would love a 500mm f/1.4 too... ;)

(I assume you meant 50mm...)
ya I will probably end up with the 1000D too, get some nice glass for it and work off that.

if you have lenses for a canon... like decent lenses... get another canon so you can use those lenses
spend you money with some fast primes that will make a much larger improvement will then a new body

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