So, I'm leaning towards the Pentax K10D... thoughts?


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Dec 9, 2007
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First off, a little about me. I've owned a couple of film SLR cameras. The last one was a Minolta Maxxum 7. Nice camera. I currently am using a Sony DSC-F717. It's a nice camera as well, but it's time for an upgrade. I even took a photography class a couple years ago. I want to get a digital SLR. I've been reading reviews and lurking here for a while. From everything I've read, I'm thinking that the Pentax K10D is for me. I'm going to go ahead and get the kit lens since it's only $50 more at B&H, and I hear it's a decent lens. But I'm also looking at getting this Pentax 18-250mm lens for a good all around lens...

Any thoughts on that lens? I can't find much info about it. With my job, I get to travel all over the world. Having one good lens would be a plus, but I do plan on getting other lenses. That lens is $500. Do you think there is a better all around lens for $500? I'd also like to get a nice 50mm lens too for portraits. I'll wait a bit before I order that though.

The other cameras I was looking at are the Nikon D40x and the Canon Rebel XTi. If I were to choose one of those two, I'd probably choose the Canon based on the reviews and the things I've read here. Still, I think the Pentax looks like the best camera. I'm not looking to ever be a professional photographer, but I would like to take some photos that are a little above average. I like to take photos of some of the unique people I see all over the world. I also like to take nature photos. I don't do much photography indoors. I'll get a 50mm for that.

Right now, I don't have any lenses so I'm not wanting to stick with any particular brand. One of the film SLR's I owned was a Pentax. A ZX-10 I believe. It was an excellent camera and I thought it was easy to use. I've owned a couple of Pentax point and shoot's too. I've never had a problem with Pentax. Anyways, for my situation, what do you guys think about the K10D and the lens I mentioned? Thanks!
Choosing from that group there there is no contest that the K10D wins. The weatherproofing alone makes it a decent camera you also have the image stabilization and a few other key features.
the only thing i'd say to watch out for, is that from what i know, pentax doesnt have a HUGE selection of lenses right now. As for the camera, i've heard good things about it. Another idea would be the sony a100 if you already have minolta glass, but if not, i would probably recommend the k10d because of the weather sealing, and whatnot.
that was the link for the zoom lens again, but 199 for a 1.4 is a pretty good deal. and those pancake lenses look pretty cool too. i think you'll probably be happy with the k10d if you buy it. I was originally planning on buying that one when it came out last year, but i ended up deciding on the alpha because i already had a couple minolta lenses. just beware. pentax, like sony, and olympus, and a couple other brands, is considered an underdog, so be prepaired to hear a lot of "shoulda gottan a canon" comments from people on the forums... i know i hear it often enough... ;-)
I love the K10D on a spec sheet. Weather sealing, anti-shake in the body, the ability to use all Pentax lenses ever made (some need adapters) and anti-dust vibration. I haven't used one but I seriously considered one when looking at cameras myself, lovely devices it would seem.
I took a couple pictures with one at a Ritz Camera and I really liked it. It made me depressed that my dad already has a few lenses for the Nikon. I would have gone with it anyway but he happens to have the EXACT lens I wanted.
I read Sean Reid's online magazine. He wrote a review of the Pentax K10D that was a real stopper for me - meaning that if I were ever to buy a dSLR again, it would be the Pentax. Sean is no cheerleader, and he accepts no advertisement - he only reviews really rare stuff. So when he wrote about the Pentax and some of the extremely cool, low-profile lenses available, I really sat up and paid attention.

The site is not free. The article was not a comparison to other dSLRs, except a short feature list. If you're leaning, and want to fall totally toward it, then spend the $32 to read it.

Pentax has the pancake-thin prime lenses that make the camera small enough for street photography - it's almost as small as a P&S if you want it to be.
It is a good camera that has backwards compatibility with 50+years of Kmount takumars.... I'm with Iron... (I read the same review) If I were to start over, I'd probably go with Pentax K10D to leverage my already nice collection of manual lenses. (I love my 40mm f2.8 pancake). I'd probably end up with cash left over for other things...

Lens selection?
You've got 50+years of manual lenses + Pentax AF of today + Sigma lenses... you should have no problem.

and I could even get an adapter to mount my 645 lenses to the K10D.
I too will chime in for the k10. I have it as well as an earlier model the *DS that I use for backup. For the features and price, I don't think you can go wrong with this camera. I went ahead and got the battery grip at the same time and that is money well spent as well. I skipped the kit lens as I still had one when I bought the *ist 35mm film camera (another nice choice in film). The kit lens is decent. I also have the 50mm you linked to and it's worth every penny. The only negative for pentax is there is frequently a shortage of lenses as has already been noted. I have found that the EX line of Sigma to be very good as well. I keep a wish list when I'm in the market for a new lens and watch B/H, Adorama, and ebay. I think the success of the k10d has created some increased demand for lenses. At any rate, I say go for it. I don't think you'll regret going with the "step child" of the camera world. I'm very pleased with the choice.
I've read good things about the Pentax as well but haven't picked one up. I love these "underdog" cameras though - it's fun to have something a little different sometimes. After a couple of years with a Minolta Maxxum 7D I just got the Sony a700 and just love it. I've owned Canon and Nikon as well and you probably can't go wrong with any of them, but the user interface on the Maxxum and a700 are what sold me. I'm sure the Pentax has a feature that will appeal to you as well - it's different for everyone I guess - but picking them up and figuring out those operational ups and dows is really, really important. They all look good on paper. :)
I've got a k10, and I'm really happy with it. The kit lens is ok, but most of the time I use an old 50mm f1.2 manual focus lens. It's great for low light photography, especially when combined with the image stabilizer on the k10.
The body feels great. It's not as light as something like the d40, but then again, the construction is on a whole other level. Haven't really tried using it in the rain yet, but from what I've heard the weatherproofing is really good, as long as you keep an eye on the spot where the lens joins the body.
Getting lenses is a problem, but not a big one. You just have to wait a bit longer for the goods to arrive. I'm pretty sure that this problem will become less and less of an issue as more people realize what a great camera the k10 is. Personally, I don't care that much, since I don't need a thousand lenses. I'll probbably the 18-250mm in time for next summer's festivals, but the 50mm is enough for now. After that I'll just get a wide angle, and my kit will feel pretty much complete as far as glasses go.
Even if it's allready been around for a while, I'd still say that the k10 is the most competitive camera in it's price class.

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