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Dec 17, 2006
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I cannot think of names for my photos. I do not know why but I have some block in my head when it comes to naming stuff.


This is a really slight nitpick to an otherwise spectacular shot (seriously, great work), but could you clone out the tiny bits of dark gray below (on the picture basis, not body basis) her forehead. There are two of them, and they are really, really bugging me now that I see them and are rather distracting. Great shot though, it's a really beautiful model you have there and it's a calming, relaxing shot. Great stuff.
Ha, will do! I didn't even notice them, so thanks for pointing that out. Now that you did, its all I can look at. ;P
For some reason the thing that makes this photo work for me are her lips. They're magnificent
her expression is a bit strange for me... like shes about to spit something out maybe? lol.. maybe its just me
well... ok, so it looked upside down to me.. (lol, and yes, i'm aware thats how its supposed to be) so i turned my head and her chin looked funny, like she was tensing up the muscles in it or something instead of letting it go loose and peaceful like the rest of her face. but thats the model, not the photograper... unless theyre the same person. but still. doenst have anything to do with the technique or anything
Hmm, well she is my younger sister and she has braces. I am guessing what you see is her trying to make sure they aren't showing. If she were to relax her lips, they naturally fall open a bit. So that may be why you see her trying to spit something out. I am so used to it that I don't notice if it looks awkward anymore I guess.
i guess thats possible. Maybe it would still work if you DID see the braces? add a little something to it maybe? who knows. by looking at your avatar next to this photo, it looks like you two have at least one thing in common.... ;-)
Ha, getting a smile out of her for pictures is pretty hard. She does not like to show her braces.

by looking at your avatar next to this photo, it looks like you two have at least one thing in common.... ;-)

We like to be upside down in photos? :D
Braces are sexy...but I'm biased because I had them for five years.

Wow, that is a pretty long time. I only had mine for 2 years and it felt like an eternity.

Tiffany, my sister, just recently got hers so that is probably why she feel self conscious about them. She will get used to them eventually.

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