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    Had a d60 with 18-55 Vr lens. Returned it after a month because I was looking at it in the long run, meaning rather than upgrading down the road and loosing money on the camera why not just return it and put the money into something better.

    Now heres my choice:

    Get another D60 with 18-55VR for $450 (returned my old one which I bought for $549) before taxes and spend money on new glass and flash.


    Get the D90 with the 18-55VR for $1036 or 18-105VR 1296 before tax. (all prices are canadian) And try to get as good as I can with what I have for now.

    Also If you have guys think I should switch over to canon (even though I hate how they felt in my hand after trying them out) please advise me.


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